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Welcome to The FunnyBit competition! This site aims to provide quality memes, gifs, funny pictures, the best NSFW content and much more.

In order to do that we need great content creators. That is where you come in! You are welcome to enjoy everything posted here without ever signing in, but if you do, you are automatically apart of our monthly competition. We give out bitcoins every month!

We hold a competition every month. The users that gets the highest score in any given month wins Bitcoin! It is completely free to join.

Post memes and win Bitcoin!

All users have a score and this score increases everytime another user vote up your post or comment. It decreases when users downvote your post or comment. The posts that generate upvotes rises to the top of the page, while downvoted posts quickly sinks down. This simple mechanic ensure that only quality content surface to the top.

Just by posting your favorite memes and GIFs you can make Bitcoin!

Internet points = Internet money

All users in the competition shows up on the leaderboard page. We publish all bitcoin transactoins so anyone can verify that users are receiving their funds. Your bitcoin address is visible on your profile page so anyone can send you a tip if they like your content. (This also allows everyone to verify that the bitcoins are paid out to the correct account / address)

Here at your internet points are actually worth something! We believe that it is only fair that the users that make great content gets compensated for it!

Post memes and win Bitcoin!

You can post whatever you like, share your memes, gifs, fail videos, favorite comics or pictures of your favorite models.

Post memes and win Bitcoin!

If it's not posted here already, it's not really a re-post, but original content is prefered! Users can vote content down, this will reduce your score. Only quality posts will increase your score, low quality posts can actually reduce your score.

Post memes and win Bitcoin!

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